Im vierten Semester entwickelten wir das App Startup HouseWard. Hierbei kombinierten wir das Konzept von Gamification mit Haushaltsarbeiten. Durch die spielerische Erfüllung von kleinen Aufgaben im Haushalt sammeln Kinder Punkte welche sie gegen nette Belohnungen eintauschen können. Die Rolle der Aufgabenerstellung, Erfüllungskontrolle und Belohnung übernehmen hierbei vollautomatisch die HouseWard Sensoren im Haus und die dazugehörige App.

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HouseWard enables the collection of household tasks and the motivation of all family members to fulfil them through gamification.

The Problem

In every household there are always a lot of different things to be done. Unpleasant tasks have to be fulfilled regularly. Pets must not be neglected. If the home is not clean and tidy, dirty dishes pile up, the trash bin overflows, dirty laundry accumulates, no one feels comfortable. Usaually, it’s very difficult for parents to get children to cooperate in housework. They tend to be reluctant and ill-tempered, when requested to help. This impairs the whole family atmosphere.

The Solution

With the HouseWard app tasks in the individual household can easily be listed and assigned to all family members – including the children. Allocating household tasks and controlling their execution is performed in a modern and playful manner. The request to perform certain tasks no longer comes from the parents, but pops up on the smartphone. This is possible by connections to different household appliances or certain sensor technology. Reward points are gained by having fulfilled tasks. Collected points can be exchanged for various rewards. Through this gamification especially children are motivated to join in housework.

The Products

Smartphone App

The free iOS, Android & Windows Phone app for the smartphone manages the listing and assignment of various household tasks. It delivers notifications of upcoming, current and completed tasks showing up reward points.

Wifi HDMI Stick

A wifi HDMI Stick for the TV set, which is connected to the HouseWard app, allows to show the scoreboard with the accomplished rewards of all family members.

Adhesive Sensors

Various household items can subsequently be equipped with special sensors that detect certain states, such as a full trash bin, and thus automate tasks.

Direct Connection

In the planning stage: Cooperation with manufacturers of household appliances like Miele, Bosch, LG, AEG etc. so that e.g. the washing machine automatically reports to the app when the wash cycle is ready.

The Houseward Team: